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Little seeds were planted in the heart and soul of Amanda starting as a young girl taking care of her grandparents’ yard, and loving every minute of it!


After attending school and working out west (as most east-coasters do) - Amanda felt something was still missing. Upon coming home to work for the City, Dolans Pub and Wetmore’s landscaping, Amanda started offering landscaping as a side hustle. These little seeds, planted as a child, bloomed into a passion and enjoyment for landscaping that, deep within, she knew she was meant to do. 


In 2014 Lipstick Landscaping was born.

Starting a business wasn’t easy. Lipstick Landscaping began 
small, comprised of only Amanda for the first two years. After her second year, Amanda was able to hire her first full-time employee, and from then on Lipstick Landscaping has grown substantially. Amanda could not be prouder of the quality of work, as well as, the fun work environment Lipstick Landscaping has created.


Seven years after starting the business, and with one hell of a team, Lipstick Landscaping has fully bloomed, offering yard installs, hardscaping, pond installs, indoor living walls, soft scaping, maintenance, pesticide operation, fertilizing, lime and overseeding. The company has a full landscaping crew, full hardscaping crew, a mowing/maintenance crew, and to top it all off -  has won the Reader’s Choice Award of #1 Landscaping Business Company in Fredericton two years in a row! 



I never thought that my business would turn into the success it is today. It is amazing how some motivation and a shovel can get you  this far! - Never give up!



I’m Amanda, your typical morning loving, coffee obsessed, McDouble eating lady-boss. Having had the passion for landscaping since I was a child, I am filled with delight to have a career and business I am continually excited about.

Loving to get down and dirty myself, having a crew made up of like-minded and amazing people to work with, fills me up with excitement for each and every workday! I live for the reveal and the clients reaction to having their landscaping dreams brought to life. The happy tears, the excited jumps, the genuine gratitude cements that all the time and effort was well worth it for that single moment in time. For that reaction. I continually want to push the envelope to have the best customer service possible and create a great work environment – If not for both, client and team, Lipstick Landscaping wouldn’t be the success it is today!

When I’m not getting down and dirty for work, I love to relax by going to the gym or spending time with my supportive and adoring partner, our dog (Ruby) and our two cats (George + Gertrude). Time spent outdoors and with family and friends is also special and close to this gal’s heart.

Lipstick Landscaping has brought me so much wonder, I cannot wait to work with you and share this feeling of  joy by taking care of all your landscaping needs with the help of my fantastic team! 

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The crew of Lipstick Landscaping are not just co-workers, but are family. They show up together, work hard together and continually  motivates each other to be the best they can be. This tribe’s vibe has helped bring the success of Lipstick Landscaping to the height it is today!


Lipstick Landscaping loves to give back to the community, whether we’re purchasing Smile Cookies (Tim Hortons fundraising for local charities), donating to local sports teams and local music festivals or to the New Boots Program (for women working in trades) - we understand the power and importance of community and love to help. Even small differences can have a big impact! 

Charity Drop-Off
Tim Hortons Smile Cookies
Turkey Donation
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